Patio doors and windows

When designing our high-quality Centor doors and windows, we considered every detail – so homeowners can enjoy inside-outside living without the compromises.
High quality Centor doors and windows
No more compromises

There’s nothing more beautiful than the natural world and nowhere more special than the part of it that you call home. When you connect to the beautiful world outside, you live better, every day. By bringing light, air and views inside, you can enjoy all that nature has to offer.

We designed our oak bifold doors, aluminium patio doors and bifold windows so you can effortlessly enjoy an inside-outside connection. Drawing on our experience of developing the world’s best bifold hardware systems, we were able to look at Centor doors and windows as a whole – not separate, individual elements like panels and frames and hardware.

We use concealed hardware to remove visual distractions between inside and out, so even when the doors are closed you can enjoy views beyond. Centor’s engineering excellence ensures that our doors protect your home from the elements, that they are secure and able to smoothly glide open as soon as the weather allows.

With Centor, you can create a true inside-outside living experience, without any of the traditional compromises.

Centor folding doors have no compromises
Reliable quality
Reliable quality
Your doors will work for years to come, thanks to Centor-grade engineering.
Clear vistas
Clear vistas
With hardware that is cleverly concealed, your views to outside remain the focus.
Fingertip operation
Fingertip operation
1000s of hours of R&D and patented technology ensures panels glide with ease.
Screens and shades
Screens and shades
Insect screens and shades are there when needed but remain hidden when not.
Thermally efficient
Thermally efficient
Suitable for homes in many climates, whether by the beach or in the snow.
Each Centor door or window is custom-made to your specific requirements.
Series Selection
Find the right product for your project from our options below. Simply click in the column to find out more information about the doors and windows available in that Series.
100 Series 100 Series Doors 200 Series Centor system 200 series with wood interior and built-in insect screen and shade 300 Series Centor system 300 series with aluminium interior and exterior 400 Series Centor system 400 series with aluminium interior & exterior and built-in insect screen and shade
Interior Wood Wood Aluminium Aluminium
Exterior Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Built-in door covering Screen and/or shade Screen and/or shade
Folding Doors yes yes yes yes
Sliding Doors yes
Windows yes
Integrated screens and shades

Centor offers the best retractable fly screens for bifold doors, accompanied by innovative sun shades that are also built into the frame. Available on our 200 and 400 Series doors and windows, this unique offering allows homeowners to enjoy inside-outside living without the traditional compromises associated with large openings – insects, glare and loss of privacy.

Homeowners around the world are delighted with their built-in screens and shades. In Derbyshire, Deb is surprised at how much she uses the screen: “Although there are a lot of midges near the moorland, we really didn’t expect to need it very much. It’s been so useful though – even in England!”

While in County Durham, Gillian is pleased with her built-in shades: “The integrated blinds really appealed to me. I didn’t want any curtains in my house, but I wanted the capability to occasionally block the light out and to close the windows off at night.”

Our built-in blackout shade also enhances the thermal properties of the door, with independent tests showing a reduction in the U-value by 17%.

Centor Integrated Folding Door with built-in insect screen
Choose between two mesh types to keep even the smallest insects out – like homeowner Deb in Derbyshire: “Although there are a lot of midges near the moorland, we really didn’t expect to need it very much. It’s been so useful though – even in England!”
Centor Integrated Folding Door with built-in insect shade
Available in two patterns and a range of colours, our blinds retract from sight when not is use – which appealed to Gillian in County Durham: “I didn’t want any curtains in my house, but I wanted the capability to occasionally block the light out and to close the windows off at night.”
Quality materials and finishes

Constructed from thermally-improved aluminium, Centor doors and windows will last a lifetime, thanks to our industry-leading paint process. Each piece of the frame and panels is powder-coated after cutting and machining to ensure the highest levels of corrosion resistance.

Centor 100 and 200 Series Doors with oak interior
100 and 200 Series
Featuring a 10mm thick furniture-grade oak lining on the internal face, 100 and 200 Series doors have a durable aluminium exterior.
Centor 300 and 400 Series Doors with aluminium finish
300 and 400 Series
Our aluminium 300 and 400 Series doors can be painted in standard or custom finishes, with the same colour on the interior and exterior.
Enduring performance

Homes provide even more comfort in every season, with high-performance Centor doors rigorously tested in our R&D laboratory to ensure they stand up to real-world use.

Our products are also subjected to industry-standard weather and thermal tests and have passed all categories. Homeowners around the world are impressed with the thermal performance of our doors, with Brad in the USA confirming: “The doors work great, even in a huge storm. They are way better insulated than any of the other doors or windows in the house.”

The built-in screens and shades are collision tested and cycle tested. All of which means that you can rest assured that Centor doors will stand the test of time.

Centor Doors installation in Trout Lake during summer
Trout Lake, Summer
Centor Doors installation in Trout Lake during winter
Trout Lake, Winter
Meticulously made-to-order

Each Centor door and window is made to your specification – choose the size, colour, material and finish options.

A professional network of Centor Dealers is available to install and service the doors, assuring homeowners of a first-class customer service experience – now and into the future.

Centor Doors being carefully assembled so you can enjoy them for years to come
Centor poland factory

Care and maintenance guide

Centor doors care and maintenance guide
Follow these guidelines to ensure that your Centor doors continue to work beautifully for years to come.


Centor Integrated Door Warranty
The Centor Integrated Door Warranty contains important terms and conditions relating to your purchase.